Media query missplaced?

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Media query missplaced?

Post by Bigge »

I am trying to add a media query. But if I do, the stylesheet gets corrupted.
The media query do not appear in the stylesheet, but as a attribute on "media" in the link tag (attached image).
This is strange or a bug.

(what i do, in a video:)
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Re: Media query missplaced?

Post by calguy1000 »

Media queries can be used inside the contents of the stylesheet OR on the link tag.
If the media query is on the link tag, the browser will do the media query test to determine if it needs to load the stylesheet at all.

The Design Manager (just like cms 1.x) allows you to enter a media query for the link tag (that's what the media query tab is for).

If you want a media query inside your stylesheet... then it goes into the stylesheet contents itself.
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[invalid] Re: Media query missplaced?

Post by Bigge »

OK, I misunderstood it.
I propose to add a clearer explanation in the help file.

Thank you for your answer!
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