[solved] cmsms e register.it

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[solved] cmsms e register.it

Post by giapippo »

ciao a tutti

devo acquistare un dominio e per un azienda e pubblicare il loro sito che ho preprarato con cmsms sul mio hosting.

vorrei acquistare l'hosting su register per il cliente, qualcuno di voi ha gia installato su register.it e mi conferma che funziona tutto senza problemi ?

ad esempio, DB, pretty url, etc etc ?

ciao grazie in anticipo

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Re: cmsms e register.it

Post by gianpiero »


6. What are the system requirements?

Web server with PHP 5.2.4+ for core versions after 1.7, though we recommend PHP 5.2.12+ (core v1.7+ WILL NOT SUPPORT PHP 4) (Linux/Unix, Windows 2000/XP/ME/2003, OS X)
(CMS Made Simple™ does not officially support PHP safe mode)
At least 16mb of available memory for PHP
(This should work fine for most small to medium sized websites. However, as your site grows, or you utilize other addon modules, your memory requirements may increase.)
PHP tokenizer support enabled
At least one of ImageMagick or GD enabled
MySQL 4.1+ or PostgreSQL 7 to 9.0
Enough access to your server to upload files and change some permissions
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