0.8.2 "Taunoa" Released!

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0.8.2 "Taunoa" Released!

Post by Ted »

Another day, another release!

Here's the ChangeLog:

* Added wysiwyg body tag callback for making htmlarea work
* Added additional color schemes in CSS Management for overriding
the default theme. (BrumalPat)
* Fixed htaccess.txt to point to a better url
* Fixed hiding/showing of Help boxes
* Fixed link content type so that urls are encoded properly for xhtml
* Fixed handling of attached CSS to WYSIWYGs
* Fixed stylesheet hook to actually send CSS
* Fixed phplayers menu to put CSS in with template CSS so it's easily cascaded
* Fixed initial database so first user created is not in the admin group
* Fixed ereg_replace functions in file management (ntro)
* Fixed bug with uploading images in TinyMCE (#000087)
* Fixed bug with ordering if there are more than 10 pages in the root of the content hierarchy
* Fixed additional editors not always being saved properly (#000086)
* Lots of other WYSIWYG related bugfixes
* Removed the html blob check in the menu for now

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