Tiny keeps changing my typing

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Andrew Prior
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Tiny keeps changing my typing

Post by Andrew Prior »

I am doing a long and boring task of typing in the following code to bring a website up to some kind of css compliance:

<div class="matt25l"> and then go the other end of the code for an image in the text and add </div>

About half the time, after I close the source code box in the monitor, it changes my typing to &quot; <div class="&quot;matt25l"> which is clearly not the same thing. A very long task is taking much longer since I am having to double check everything.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening here? I am using CMS Made Simple™ 2.2.16 “Truro”.

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Re: Tiny keeps changing my typing

Post by DIGI3 »

Which Tiny, TinyMCE or MicroTiny? I was sort of able to recreate it in MicroTiny, but only if I intentionally made the html invalid - like hitting apply before adding the closing div. If you can find a pattern to when it does it vs when it doesn't, then it would be easier to troubleshoot.

Personally if I was making that many html changes I'd probably turn off the wysiwyg editor while I make them. It would still be good to figure out the issue though in case it does it when making changes to the content in the future with the wysiwyg on.
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