MLE + Calendar + Search = fail

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MLE + Calendar + Search = fail

Post by leoteo »


I am running CMSMS MLE 1.8.1 with PHP 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.10 and MySQL 5.0.52a.
I have the Search Plugin 1.6.5 and Calendar 0.8.2 installed.

The search works fine as long as I don't enter any words that match calendar events
(for example, I also have the news module and news are found without problem).
If I enter such a word, I get the error:

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in ...../lib/translation.functions.php on line 153

The function cms_frontend_current_language() tries to return $this->config['locale'], however does not seem to be called for an object.

Does anyone know how to solve this?
And does anyone know whether CGCalender has the same issue? If not, I might consider to switch.

Leopold Talirz

Re: MLE + Calendar + Search = fail

Post by Peciura »

Search with CGCalendar is OK.

PHP 5.3.1
Search 1.6.5
CGCalendar 1.5.5

Calendar 0.8.2 is > 2y old, naturally some code is outdated.

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