MAMS-Problem with salted password

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MAMS-Problem with salted password

Post by reinhardmohr »

I hope anybody can help – thanks!
I have upgraded an older installation to 2.2.19 and php 8.1. Everything worked except FrontEndUsers and the internal pages.
So I installed MAMS and imported all the groups and users – this worked.
But: We don't have a self registration. And when I add a new user manually this new user cannot login to the protected MAMS pages.
I tried all the settings and combinations and added many test users – nothing worked. Until I had a look into the MySQL database.
There clearly was a difference between the old imported users. And the new ones: A problem with salt and password:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-26 um 17.26.13.png
So I copied my old users salt and password to my new user (second row in the database screenshot). And now I could access the protected pages using the newly added user.
But now I am lost – am I doing something wrong?
Or is there a bug in MAMS?
We only have one additional user property (the regular name of the user). But no email. And email is not required.
Could someone help? I am really glad with the developers efforts to transform old modules to new ones – thank you!
But here I am lost …

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