Duplication of a child page deletes default page

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Duplication of a child page deletes default page

Post by webform »

I am experiencing something very mysterious where a duplication of a child page takes over and removes the original default page.

The page has all of the duplicate page's content and template, but has taken over the default page content id and default status.

In the Content Manager, the original default page (home page) is gone, while the new duplicated child page is correctly placed in the hierarchy as a child of its parent page. So it has not just replaced the default page in the Content Manager. but is a duplicated child page.

If the original default page used a different template with custom fields and I change the new child page to that template, the content in those fields returns (probably because the content id is the same).

I have made other websites where users report the same behavior, that their default pages disappear when they duplicate a child page.

So the common denominator is that it happens when you duplicate a child page. I also think the child page is inactive when it is duplicated.

However, I have not succeeded in recreating the problem when I create a test site.

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Cms Version: 2.2.19

Installed Modules:

AdminSearch: 1.0.6
CGBetterForms: 1.10.4
CGContentUtils: 2.5.4
CGExtensions: 1.65.2
CGHeadMaster: 1.0.16
CGSimpleSmarty: 2.2.1
CGSmartImage: 1.22.7
CMSContentManager: 1.1.12
CmsJobManager: 0.1.3
CustomGS: 3.5
DesignManager: 1.1.10
ECB2: 2.4.2
FileManager: 1.6.16
FilePicker: 1.0.7
Gallery: 2.5.1
JMFilePicker: 1.0.1
JQueryTools: 1.4.2
LISE: 1.5.6
LISEFooter: 1.5.6
LISEMenukort: 1.5.6
LISESlideshow: 1.5.6
LISEblocks: 1.5.6
MenuManager: 1.50.3
MicroTiny: 2.2.5
ModuleManager: 2.1.9
Navigator: 1.0.10
News: 2.51.12
Search: 1.53
SimpleSiteInfo: 3.6
SitemapMgr: 1.7.1

Config Information:

max_upload_size: 1024000000
url_rewriting: mod_rewrite
query_var: page
auto_alias_content: true
set_names: true
timezone: Europe/Copenhagen
permissive_smarty: true

Php Information:

phpversion: 7.4.33
md5_function: On (True)
json_function: On (True)
gd_version: 2
tempnam_function: On (True)
magic_quotes_runtime: Off (False)
E_ALL: 2047
test_file_timedifference: No time difference found
test_db_timedifference: No time difference found
create_dir_and_file: 1
memory_limit: 2048M
max_execution_time: 300
register_globals: Off (False)
output_buffering: On
test_remote_url: Success
file_uploads: On (True)
post_max_size: 1024M
upload_max_filesize: 1024M
session_save_path: /tmp (0700)
session_use_cookies: On (True)
xml_function: On (True)
xmlreader_class: On (True)
check_ini_set: On (True)
curl: On

Performance Information:

allow_browser_cache: On (True)
browser_cache_expiry: 60
php_opcache: On (True)
smarty_cache: Off (False)
smarty_compilecheck: Off (False)
auto_clear_cache_age: On (True)
Server Information:

Server Software: Apache
Server Api: litespeed
Server Os: Linux 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.83.el7.x86_64 On x86_64
Server Db Type: MySQL (mysqli)
Server Db Version: 8.0.35
Server Db Grants: Found a "GRANT ALL" statement that appears to be suitable

Permission Information:

config_file: 0444
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Re: Duplication of a child page deletes default page

Post by DIGI3 »

We are aware of this, it's still proving difficult to recreate but it's something we're actively investigating. If you find a way to make it happen reliably on a test site definitely let us know.
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Re: Duplication of a child page deletes default page

Post by webform »

Thank you.

I'll try to investigate further and see if i can replicate the error.

I have 2 suspicions I work from; That the duplicate child page was disabled and that the CMSMS software has been continuously updated (So not a brand new fresh installation).
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