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Themes @ Multiintech

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I finally finished remaking my theme site and have a bunch of themes you can download.

I'm using calguy1000s eCommerce suite to test it out so the themes say they cost 0.01¢ but that is only so the PayPal gateway will work, I guess you can't sell anything for free, PayPal is set up as a test bed so nothing happens to the money etc. so no charge to you.
You can also use the manual checkout which will give you a link to the XML at the bottom, both will send you and email with the XML link at the bottom.

BTW the themes are made for the 1* series of CMSMS as my server won't let me change the PHP on just one site so I don't have a 2* CMSMS running anywhere.

I have all of the Andreas Viklund templates except number 5 as it is not that good.

Some from FullAhead/Pat Heard such as his LazyDays template.

Also Erwin Aligam/styleshout such as his FreshMedia template.

NodeThirtyThree has a few in there as well such as the TerraFirma template.

And the good old Panoramica theme which used to be on the CMSMS theme site and some I made up myself for FUN!!

All but one of them except andreas06 which has a graphic background that doesn't lend it self to be responsive, all the others have been made responsive/mobile friendly.

Have FUN!!
Themes @ Multiintech
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