Renewed my site

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Renewed my site

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Well it's been years since I posted anything here, but I finally changed the look of my main site as the dark theme I was using before was getting so I decided to lighten it up a little...
Still running 1.12.2 but it is stable enough for me...
Extra modules:
Album using the fresco script and using smarty to limit the images showing to 9, there are 29 all together...

The Lity javascript for my popups, it's very nice and takes anything you want and doesn't shut down on form submit in case of errors...
I may change the album site also...

Well I changed over the Album site, but I had some problems with a couple of album templates not wanting to play since with jquery I used in the <head> for the menu, parallax effect so I made a copy of the template with out it, so here it is using the Album Module...
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