Endless scrolling breaks self links

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Andrew Prior
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Endless scrolling breaks self links

Post by Andrew Prior »

Lazy Loading.
With a lot of help from Matt Hornsby, whom I'm giving a rest :) I have been able to get endless scrolling working inone of his templates. It uses Rolf''s code from CMSCanBeSimple.

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I've just realised that it kills cms self links (I am using prettified links, and not using the More links in the News Module). I can work around this by putting links in manually, but I'd prefer not to go that way.

I have a vague feeling I saw something about this issue, somewhere, but can't track it down. Does anyone know from experience whether Rolf's code can be made to work with selflinks?

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Re: Endless scrolling breaks self links

Post by velden »

Realize that the scroll solution is based on javascript en cms_selflink is Smarty/PHP.
It should be possible to work with cms_selflinks.

But, a link to the problem site would be very helpful.
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