Thank you for Geekmoot 2016

Join us in Leicester, UK on October!
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Thank you for Geekmoot 2016

Post by Jos »

I just got home, back from Geekmoot 2016 in Leicester UK.

Again it was the ultimate splendid way of getting to know more of the system, as well as the people behind it.

I'm eager to try out the many things that were demonstrated during the various presentations. Some subjects were new to me, in the sense that I never worked with. The presentations on subjects I felt familiar with, still showed some new details.
This proofs: there is always something to learn.

But however eager I want to get busy with it, I first have to catch up some sleep.

I want to thank all attendees and everyone who contributed to this years sessions. You were great people!
Special thanks to John Scotcher for organizing it all. It was a great venue and Leicester was a great place to stay.
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Re: Thank you for Geekmoot 2016

Post by paulbaker »

Agreed Jos, lovely to see you and the others again, and meet new people with some in depth CMSMS experience to share.

Looking forward to next time! :)
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Re: Thank you for Geekmoot 2016

Post by Jo Morg »

It is all about the sharing and confraternization! Thank you all who were present there, and of course a special kudos to John Scotcher for organizing it.
On a side note: it was great to see there the friends I had made in Ghent last year at the GM, cheers.
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