[2.2.3] cms Secure parm name error

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[2.2.3] cms Secure parm name error

Post by master3395 »

This is a newly uploaded test folder.
I only activated the CMSMailer and let my cms run for 24 hours.
During that time, i got this error.
I did nothing after i installed the cmsmailer.

Code: Select all

[24-Apr-2017 21:27:44 Europe/Oslo] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: _userkey_ in /home/user/public_html/cmstest3/admin/moduleinterface.php on line 29

This is line 29.

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Re: [2.2.3] cms Secure parm name error

Post by calguy1000 »

I have been running CMSMS 2.2 in various installs for months... and don't have that issue.

immediately above that line is a line that requires 'include.php'
at the TOP of include.php that define is created.

so in a proper install, it should be impossible to get that warning.
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