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2.2 Changelog

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Here is the 2.2 Changelog as of now. You can see that it is quite extensive, and a great deal of testing is required.

Version 2.2 - No Name Set
Core - General
- Implement new database abstraction library that is compatible with (functionality wise) but improves upon adodb-lite.
- Implement protocol-less URL's in the config.
- Page tabs are now focusable (you can tab through page tabs and use enter to select one).
- Minor fix to the {form_start} plugin.
- Minor change to the {admin_icon} plugin (default image class).
- Cache more items that are queried from the database, to reduce mysql load.
- Minor change to tree operations functionality to reduce memory usage.
- Fixed problem with order of content blocks when using {content_module} stuff.
- Adds get_usage_string and the concept of a type assistant to template types.
- Minor change to auto-alias determination routine.
- Detect module_custom enhancements in the CmsModuleInfo stuff.
- Refactor Admin authentication.
- More fixes to the cms_url class.
- Optimize the include.php file.
- Adds built-in asynchronous task processing system.
- Adds the ability to reduce redundant mentions in the Admin log (runs asynchronously).
- Refactor the Admin log page to allow for better filtering and pagination.
- Admin log now uses cms_date_format and cleans output.
- Notification functions in the CmsAdminThemeBase function are now just stubs and do nothing. Will be removed at a later date.
- Removed the GetNotificationOutput() method from the module API.
- Adds classes for creating Alerts. This is much more advanced than the old Notifications system.
- Minor accessibility tweaks to the OneEleven theme.
- Fix numerous minor problems with the OneEleven theme.
- Refactored the OneEleven Admin theme to use new Alerts classes instead of old Notifications.
- Refactor the OneEleven Admin theme to display an alert icon in the shortcut bar, instead of in the navigation area.
- Fixed sidenav in the one OneEleven theme now works properly. If sidenav is larger than viewport then don't use fixed... easy.
- In OneEleven Now revert to small sidebar navigation (still floating) if screen is too narrow.
- Removed notification settings from MyAccount and Global Settings.
- Removed pseudocron granularity preferences.
- cms_alert() and the new cms_confirm() JavaScript functions now return promises.
- Revises much code to use cms_alert and cms_confirm() instead of the standard, but browser specific functions.
- Fixes to the cache clearing methodology.
- No longer check for duplicate content blocks in templates... NEEDS TESTING
- New core events: ContentPreRender, LostPassword, LostPasswordReset, StylesheetPostRender.
- Fix problem with the default parameter to the {content} tag.
- Fix problem with the use_smartycache thing in system information.
- Fix notice in useroperations.
- Fixes problems where all files (including dot files) had to be writable before creating a module XML file.
- Fixes minor notice in user operations.
- Fixes for namespaced modules.
- Fixes an issue in CmsLayoutTemplate when creating a template from a type.
- Fixes an issue where a 404 handler error page would not be rendered correctly if for some reason the route did not specify a page id to load.
- More fixes to cms_url class.
- Numerous minor optimizations.
- Add to content types the ability to set basic attributes for properties from within the page type definition.
- Fixes problems with pagelink and link content types not being properly editable by additional editors.
- Adds more type and content cleaning into the content types FillParams method(s).
- Pass an explicit cacheid in to createtemplate in index.php
- Fix an error message in the autorefresh JavaScript class.
- Fix problems that could result in uid=1 becoming inactive, and not a member of other groups when edited by another user.
- Fix query problem in CmsLayoutStylesheetQuery with Mysql 5.7.
- The {content} tag now supports passing data attributes to the generated textarea, for use by syntax highlighter and WYSIWYG modules. i.e: {content data-foo="bar"}.
- Refactoring of the Admin login code to be cleaner, more efficient, more secure.
- No longer allow any modules to auto-upgrade on frontend requests.
- Fix problem with cms_filecache_driver::clear().
- Introduces the new Hook mechanism to allow optimizing cms_stylesheet a bit further. All core SendEvent calls are now implemented as hooks .
- changegroupperms can now localize permission names, and add an info string for each permission. (the listpermissions hook).
- Adds add_headtext(), get_headtext(), add_footertext(), get_footertext() methods to the Admin theme class.
- minor refactoring of admin/index.php, admin/header.php, admin/footer.php and admin/moduleinterface.php.
- now use hooks so that loaded modules can now add text to the head area of any Admin page output.
- Change the help for the basic attributes.
- Adds new 'switch user' functionality for members of the Admin group.
- Re-factor the content page selector ... now supports two modes (one for a simple list, and the previous dynamic one that is faster for large sites)
the simple list mode is used for users with limited edit capabilities on pages.
- Adds a new smarty plugin {page_selector} to the Admin lib.
- New arguments to the CreateHierarchyDropdown function (deprecated) and adjust documentation.
- Content pages now have the ability to control whether or not the page wants any more children.
- The TemplateType class now has a help callback to optionally allow retrieving help for templates of a particular type
- Permissions are now grouped logically by module/originator in ChangeGroupPermissions.
- Now use HTTPS for the latest version check
- Adds the public_cache_url config entry, and make sure that the css_url uses that by default.
- Adds many core hooks
- Enhance the {page_image} plugin to optionally output a full HTML img tag if there is a value for the respective property.
- Improve the {content_image} plugin to output nothing if there is no value for the property, and to output any non-internal arguments as attributes to the HTML img tag.
- Upgrade to an un-modified version of smarty v3.1.31
- Move plugins directory to lib/plugins since we now have the assets/plugins directory for custom plugins. The upgrader should preserve any custom plugins in the /plugins directory.
- Add new plugins {thumbnail_url}, {file_url} and {cms_filepicker)
- Add more intelligence to the tableoption handling for DataDictionary::CreateTableSQL
- Minor improvements to the asynchronous behaviour of the locking functionality
- #11295 - Cannot change the name of a UDT, always creates new UDT.
- #11080 - Parameter $adding in GetContentBlockFieldInput always FALSE.
- #11093 - Bad error message in jquery.cmsms_autorefresh.js.
- #11133 - is_email() fails on domain check.
- #11235 - munge_string_to_url leaves trailing dashes at the end of munged URL.
- #11287 - Password reset form's password fields have different lengths
- Fix issue with module actions if 'content_en' block name was given on the default content block.

Navigator v1.0.5
- Minor optimizations.
- Now use pageid in calculations of cacheid.
- Now output template help to Navigator

Installation Assistant v1.3
- Only create dummy index.html files in subdirectories we created.
- Clear cache after step 9.
- Upgrade routine now asks for, and tests database credentials.
- Upgrade routine now rewrites the config.php file (but keeps a backup).
- Set a few more preferences to reasonable defaults on install. Specifically related to site cleanup and performance.
- On installation, now insure that tmp/cache and tmp/templates_c directories are empty.
- Now displays if files are going to be skipped
- Adds clear option for development purposes.
- No longer ask to save database password.
- On install now create the assets directory structure
- On upgrade (for 2.2) now create the assets directory structure and move tmp/configs, tmp/templates, module_custom, adin/custom, etc. within it.
- When using the expanded installer allow changing the destination directory on step 1
- Check for existing files in the installation directory for new installations.

- New core module to handle queued asynchronous tasks.

Content Manager
- Minor tweak to bulk delete pages.
- Minor fix to the active tab when changing a template or design.
- Now listen to the 'default parent page' user preference.
- Fix minor XSS problem in the Admin if some loser puts JavaScript into the title field or alias field or menu text field.
- Now allow filtering pages by owner, editor, template, or design. Only for Administrators with Modify any page, or Manage all content permissions.
- Fix problems with auto-refresh being too fast for some operations.
- Now auto scroll to the first matched page in a find.
- Additional editors of a page cannot change the content type. Only owners, or users with the Manage all Content permissions.
- Fix a problem with the call to GetTabElements.

- Move the designs tab of the main interface into third position.
- Implement sorting in edit design.
- Remove option menus (for now) from templates, stylesheets, and designs tab.
- Modify the template list functionality in edit-design to allow using keyboard control. Space or + to select an item on the left, and right arrow to move.
- Modify the edit-design functionality to allow clicking on an attached template or stylesheet to edit it.
- Generic templates now display a usage string.
- When creating a new template, associate the new template with the default design.
- Add reset buttons to the filter forms.
- No longer check for default content block in a template.
- Adds the ability to export a template to a file within the assets directory, and to import from the assets directory
- If a file exists in the assets/templates directory corresponding to a template name, do not allow in-browser editing
- Add bulk actions to allow importing and exporting multiple templates.
- In the template list, if a file exists for a template... display it in the filename column.
- Adds the ability to export a stylesheet to a file within the assets directory, and to import from the assets directory
- If a file exists in the assets/css directory corresponding to a stylesheet name, do not allow in-browser editing
- Add bulk actions to allow importing and exporting multiple stylesheets.
- In the stylesheet list, if a file exists for a stylesheet.. display it in the filename column.

News v2.51
- Minor fix to add category.
- Removes GetNotificationOutput method.
- Add a task that runs at least every 15 minutes to detect draft articles... create an alert for this.
- Add an option to never create alerts about draft News articles.
- Minor optimizations.
- Adds postdate as parameters in events.
- now output template help to Navigator.
- Adds new 'linked file' type field that allows selecting a file using the filepicker
- Changes the default summary and detail templates to support the linked_file field type, and uses {thumbnail_url} and {file_url}

FileManager v1.6.3
- Move settings to it's own menu item under Site Admin.
- Fix minor problem with moving a directory.
- Minor fix to move file functionality.
- Adds OnFileDeleted event.
- Adds 'view raw file' icon in each viewable row.
- Minor formatting changes in file list.
- Now display clickable path entries for easier navigation.

- Convert to store all data using the InnoDB engine.
- Use transactions for the addwords and deletewords stuff for performance.
- Fix problem with query and record expiry.

AdminSearch v1.0.3
- Fixes problem with use of 'Use Admin Search' permission.
- Now searches for matching strings within templates and stylesheets that are stored as files.

- Now detect if module_custom directories exist and are populated and warn about this before upgrading a module.
- Minor string changes.
- Improvements to error handling in the new versions tab.
- Write a confirmation form for uninstalling a module that displays the UninstallPreMessage or uses a default.
- Now don't allow disabling / uninstalling myself.
- Don't hide the upgrades tab when there are no upgrades, but show the number of upgrades in the tab title instead.
- Now use HTTPS for requests to ModuleRepository
- Trigger a hook before exporting a module to XML

MicroTiny v2.1
- New version of the tinymce wysiwyg editor
- Adds a mailto plugin
- Now use the FilePicker module for a filepicker, required rewriting the cmsms_filepicker tinymce plugin
- Enable the title attribute on the image plugin
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