Hurry, EARLY BIRD TICKETS only available until February 20!

Join us in Ghent, Belgium on March 20-22!
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Hurry, EARLY BIRD TICKETS only available until February 20!

Post by compufairy »

Hey everyone,

In preparation for the release of the final events program, we're taking this opportunity to bring you some highlights to be found at the Geekmoot. (

The Keynote
We are delighted that Robert Campbell, ‘Calguy’, project leader of CMSMS for many years, and now lead developer, is giving the keynote. Robert will look at the history of CMS Made Simple, where we are now, and where we intend to go, with a particular focus on CMSMS 2.0

Advanced Smarty tips and tricks
A must-have skill set for any CMSMS Developer is the ability to bend Smarty to your will. Here Fernando Morgado (JoMorg) takes us through Smarty functions, file based templates, template inheritance, and more!

Building Modules for CMSMS 2.0
Robert will deliver a lecture on developing modules for CMSMS 2.0. This is an essential presentation for any developer who wants to get ahead of the curve with module development for the new version of CMSMS.

How to keep your customers off the phone unless they are buying!
In a non-technical presentation, John Scotcher (Jwebguy) will deal with the thorny issue of training and support. He will discuss how to arm your customers with the necessary skills to run their own day-to-day CMSMS activities without being constantly on the phone—leaving you free to concentrate on developing and designing.

The CMSMS Forge
A great deal of work has been done behind the scenes in recent months to improve the CMSMS forge, home to all our files. Lead architect of the changes Kevin Danezis (Bess) takes us through what, how, and why.

Content in CMS Made Simple
Fernando hits us with a discussion of CMSMS content in all its forms, including blocks, tags, the MVC pattern, and more! How content relates to templates and template inheritance will be featured, as well as thin clients vs Rich Internet applications and integrating JS Frameworks.

'How would you do this?' panel question hour
CMS Made Simple is as flexible as it is expandable. That’s one of the strengths of the system and its modules, both core and third party. However, it does mean there are a multitude of ways to solve the same problem. This panel gives you the opportunity to see how some of the most experienced CMSMS web builders go about creating sites. With a panel made up from members of the Dev Team and the community, this is the perfect time to see how different people work in different ways. Expect one or two sparks to fly!

The CMSMS Open Forum
Our previous open forums on the Sunday afternoon have been a big hit. Your chance to discuss the future of your favourite Content Management System and add your input to where we are going.

There are a number of other exciting presentations in the pipeline. We look forward to telling you more on those once they are confirmed.

It’s shaping up to be another great Geekmoot! We can’t wait to see you there!
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Re: Hurry, EARLY BIRD TICKETS only available until February

Post by paulbaker »

Oooh sounds great, looking forward to it!

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Re: Hurry, EARLY BIRD TICKETS only available until February

Post by jack4ya »

Interesting... Have visited the others.
Should be good!

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