[closed] Page alias now with umlauts directly?

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[closed] Page alias now with umlauts directly?

Post by swgreed »

CMSMS 1.x used to convert umlaut characters in the page alias from texts like:
Süßer Text 123
to texts like:
In CMSMS 2.x this whole conversion does not happen any more and gives a result like:
Is this behaviour intended?

In CMSMS 2.x the URL in the HTML source code in the menue then looks like (using mod_rewrite on .htm)
but what you want is
(like the Wikipedia encodes it's URLs in HTML)
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Re: [open] Page alias now with umlauts directly?

Post by Rolf »

Yes, this is intended. Can't say if it all works correct though ;)
We will look into it, and see what is the best behavior!

Thanks, Rolf
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Re: [open] Page alias now with umlauts directly?

Post by calguy1000 »

utf-8 characters are now allowed in URLS. Also in domain names, and most browsers support it properly.
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