[fixed] A few interface inconsistencies

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[fixed] A few interface inconsistencies

Post by deactivated010521 »

* Here are a few interface inconsistencies related to buttons appearing on the top and button of the /admin pages.

/admin -> Content -> Content Manager has no "+ Add New Content" and "-> Options" button on the bottom of the page.

/admin -> Layout -> Content Manager - has no "-> Options" button on the bottom of the page.

/admin/ -> Content -> News has buttons on top and bottom I think that is how it should be in the whole /admin section.

/admin -> User Management Group Assignments have no "Submit" + "Cancel" button on the top of the page. Manage Backend Group Permissions have them on top and bottom.

/admin -> User Management -> Manage Backend Groups and /admin -> User Management -> Manage Backend Users only have the "+ Add New Group / + Add New User" on the bottom, I think this is fine.

* Here are a few issues with the button and title names

The title on /admin -> User Backend Group Permissions is showing "Group Permissions" this should be "Backend Group Permissions" same as the navigation text.

/admin -> User Management: Manage Backend Group Assignments + Manage Backend Group Permissions titles are jumping out of the navigation bar. (at least on Desktop view), maybe make them a bit shorter.
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Re: A few interface inconsistencies

Post by Rolf »

I think I have the most of them fixed in rev. 9554

Thx. Rolf
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Re: [fixed] A few interface inconsistencies

Post by calguy1000 »

Generally speaking, in 2.0 options menus, and buttons should be at the top of the form or list. If the form or list could get long, then submit buttons, and 'some' (at our discretion) quick buttons could be placed on the bottom of the form.
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Re: [fixed] A few interface inconsistencies

Post by deactivated010521 »

Tnx for fixes and insides.

Besides repeating buttons on long lists I think its wise to evaluate the works of these buttons when operating the /admin area on a mobile browser / small screen.

On a desktop scrolling wont be a big problem, scrolling top down on mobile can be tedious. Will check that asap.
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