[fixed] Error during update

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[fixed] Error during update

Post by slabbe »

I was testing the upgrade process from the latest 1.11.x build and got an error. Tested on a fresh install and I haven't seen the error...

From 1.11.10 to 2.0-beta1

Got this error on the 7th step of the upgrade.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function gzopen() in phar:///var/www/cmsms-2.0-beta1-install.php/app/lib/class.manifest_reader.php on line 125

It's running under a testing VM:

Ubuntu 14.02 LTS
PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4
MySQL 5.5.37
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Re: Error during update

Post by hasanen »

I think this is not a bug in CMSMS. Your php installation is missing that function.

Check this.

But perhaps installer could check which function to use (gzopen/gzopen64)?
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Re: Error during update

Post by calguy1000 »

The next beta will check for this function.
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