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Author:  Rolf [ Mon May 19, 2014 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Changelog

Core - General
- Default upload permission is now based on the umask
- Removed the NCleanGrey admin theme
- Many tweaks to the admin theme
- Improvements to module loading
- Many new smarty plugins for form building in modules
- New ajaxy help
- UI Review trough many admin pages
- New jquery based page selector
- Improved and documented htaccess.txt file
- Many new smarty plugins to aid in module development and separation of logic from display
- Adds the {cms_module_hint} plugin
- {content}, {content_image} and {content_module} plugins all receive the required and priority parameters
- {content} tag now has the placeholder attribute
- Major accessibility review throughout admin interface
- Removed many static admin pages, and replaced with new modules
- Accept UTF-8 chars in page alias and in custom URLs
(punctuation, whitespace, / and . are not allowed in the alias. Punctuation, whitespace and . are not allowed in URLs)
- Removed the 'ext' parameter from cms_selflink
- Removed the old compatibility admintheme class ( was deprecated in 1.11
- Admin interface now assumes HTML5. Porting admin themes must include porting them to HTML5
- Simplex Theme gets some love: updated Grid system, removed all images and replaced with icon fonts, extended JS functions with
hopefully better Mobile support, Theme JS includes now helper variables like SX.isTouch, SX.isMobile, SX.viewportWidth and SX.UA,
for more information refer to uploads/simplex/js/ functions.js (note: Theme is using functions.min.js), dropped IE7 support, NOT!! tested in Windows Mobile
- Removed deprecated {breadcrumbs} tag
- Deprecate template functions in the module API
- Remove direct ImageMagick support (no more config entries)
- Removed AllowAutoUpgrade and AllowAutoInstall from module API
- Removed valid_css and valid_xhtml tags

Core - Bug Reports
- #9721 There's no check if changelog.txt exists

Core - Feature Requests:
- #4178 Improve behaviour of cms_selflink
- #9270 More visible indication of "Site Down" status

- Numerous UI improvements
- Adds ajaxy image cropping/resizing/rotation

- Transformed to use new CmsLayout classes
- Deprecated

- New module to replace MenuManager

- Complete rewrite
- Now uses TinyMCE 4.0.12

- New module for searching for tags and any content in templates

- New module for content editing.
- Pagination and filtering in listcontent
- Implements content locking
- Implements dirty form checking

- New module for managing templates, stylesheets
- Implements dirty form checking
- Implements locking for templates

- Uses new CmsLayout API's for template management

- Each article now has a searchable option
- More bulk actions
- A dropdown field type
- The ability to re-organize categories
- Numerous UI improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- Implements dirty form checking
- Query rework (post date is now used as a start date if expiry is not specified)
- Rewrote fesubmit action to show new 2.0 form functionality (fesubmit action is still deprecated)
- Uses new CmsLayout API's for template management

- No longer indexes templates or GCB's
- rewrite the re-index stuff to hopefully use a bit less memory (at least for content pages)
- Uses new CmsLayout API's for template management
- Now supports multiple form and result templates

- Compete rewrite
- Includes functionality to interact with local modules
- Now shows release dates and approximate download counts for each module
- Now shows summary of releases for a specific module
- Visual indicators for stale and new modules

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