Documentation on Moving Files to New Server

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Documentation on Moving Files to New Server

Post by webguru »

I used Xampp to install CMSMS using Bitnami. Nice and easy. Version 2.1.4.

I created the site in it's entirety, locally and want to move it to a live server. I read the documentation "How to move your CMS Made Simple installation to a new server (method 1)".

It is pretty self-explanatory except for Step 3. I'm having difficulty understanding which files to copy.

In my browser, my files on my computer are at: In Windows Explorer, they are at: C:\xampp\apps\cmsmadesimple

Do I just copy everything inside the: C:\xampp\apps\cmsmadesimple\htdocs folder to the new server?

I don't see where the individual pages are.

Appreciate the help and guidance.
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Re: Documentation on Moving Files to New Server

Post by Jeff »

When it says copy the files, copy ALL the files.
they are at: C:\xampp\apps\cmsmadesimple
Then that is what you copy.

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