Content Manager Find box not working in all cases

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Content Manager Find box not working in all cases

Post by postiffm »

I have content structured like this:

7 Members
7.1 Login
7.2 Giving
7.3 Members Home

If I put "Members" in the Find box in the upper right, it returns a number of valid possibilities, including Members (7) and Members Home (7.3)

If I type "Login" in the Find box, it returns the only correct possibility, 7.1 Login.

If I type Giving, it returns nothing, but I'm looking right at Giving under 7.2. It should find it.

Why is this? Is it because the Title field of the page is "Financial Support" instead of "Giving"? The Menu Text is "Giving" and that is what shows up in the list of pages in the Content section.
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Re: Content Manager Find box not working in all cases

Post by DIGI3 »

Correct, the find feature in Content Manager currently only searches the page title field. There has been some discussion of having it include other fields but it doesn't look like that ever made it in.

Best bet if it's important to you is to file a feature request in the forge. It's not a bug, it's just not a use case that was factored in when the feature was added.
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