Add an ID to the 5th Menu item?

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Add an ID to the 5th Menu item?

Post by beherenow_uk »


I have read the smarty manual, and appear to be able to add an ID to every 5th item using iteration, but how can i target just the 5th menu item? I can't get anything to work in the menu manager...

This code is the iteration...

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<li class="{$classes}" {if $ % 5 == 0} id="lasttalk" {/if}><a class="{$classes}" href="{$node->url}"><span>{$node->menutext}</span></a>
Any ideas? Thanks.
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Re: Add an ID to the 5th Menu item?

Post by calguy1000 »

{if $ % 5 == 0}


{if $ == 4} {* yes 4 *}
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