Two different templates for news details!

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Two different templates for news details!

Post by darchik »

News module: Can't customize custom template for news details.
What am I doing wrong?


{news category=Way summarytemplate="NewsSummaryWay" summarypage='trips' detailtemplate="NewsDetailWay" detailpage='trips'}

1. summary template - works, detailpage - works!
2. detail template - doesn't work! ((

I have two sections on the site: news and travel. These are different categories of news.
For the site news, I already use other templates for the summary display and for the news detail. News templates are installed by default and work fine.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Two different templates for news details!

Post by DIGI3 »

I think it's to do with the parameter not being passed when using pretty urls. In your summary template detail page(s), you could try using {cms_module_hint} in the Smarty data field to set the appropriate detailtemplate - see ... odule_hint
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