Notice of incompatibility

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Notice of incompatibility

Post by calguy1000 »

During testing of upgrades we noticed that CMSMS 1.11 was generating errors about unknown tags.

Our investigation revealed that smarty3 is now a lot more fussy about plugin names. Generally: function plugins and other plugins whose names end with the word 'close' will generate an error under most circumstances.

Specifically: we've noticed that the {toggle_close} third party plugin is not compatible with Smarty3 ... there is no simple fix for this other than the developer to release a new version of this plugin with a different name.

This is an issue beyond our control at this time, though we will report the issue to the smarty guys.
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Re: Notice of incompatibility

Post by Pedrosken »

Updated Content toggle.
I changed the closing function to : toggle_end
Hopes this name 'll work Robert ?

At the same time I also updated the jQuery detection system.
Works fine here.

Download Here.

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