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A place to discuss issues related to CMSMS 1.11 beta versions. This forum will be heavily moderated.
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Other forums

Post by calguy1000 »

FYI everybody.

This is the only place where we will accept problem reports about the beta. Posting them in some other forum will not get our attention. We actually, won't even think about looking at them.

So if you are a member of some other forum and discussing the 1.11 beta that is great and fine, but it does not mean that your problems will be read, and it may just be a fruitless discussion.

If you have a valid concern, and are a member in good standing of this forum, then please post here with your issues and provide us sufficient information to be able to see the issue. Including telling us which browser you are using, and your server environment.
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Please post system information from "Extensions >> System Information" (there is a bbcode option) on all posts asking for assistance.
If you can't bother explaining your problem well, you shouldn't expect much in the way of assistance.
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Re: Other forums

Post by janvl »


absolutely right!

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