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Version 1.11 - Galapagos
Core - General:
- Adds new frontend theme "Simplex"
- Removed the HasAdminBuffering module method.
- If output buffering is disabled in the request, theme is also disabled
- Revamp of admin theme
- Remove the use_adodb_lite config variable
- Removed the use_smarty_php_tags config variable
- Remove the process_whole_template config variable
- Plugins revamp, removed _cms_ from smarty function header. General plugin cleanup
- Removed smarty plugin {google_search}
- Moved smarty plugin {search} to Search module
- Moved smarty plugin {print} to CMSPrinting module
- Moved smarty plugin {menu} to MenuManager module
- Moved smarty plugin {news} to News module
- Added default backend wysiwyg as a preference
- Backend wysiwyg option on add user
- Smartified editprefs
- Updated /lib/jquery and cms_jquery plugin with latest jQuery and jQuery UI Frameworks
- Added jQuery UI Smoothness Stylesheet to NCleanGrey
- System Information page, and the installer now check for the XMLReader class.
- Admin log ip_addr field is now bigger.
- Admin log now has an index (woot)
- Modified index.php to handle 404 pages better (Now catches the CmsError404Exception)
- Static routes are now stored in the cms_routes table, and cached to a file in tmp/cache
- Rewrote the CmsRoutes class (but maintained compatibility)
- Added functionality in system maintenance page to rebuild static routes
- Uninstalling a module now clears any module specific routes and smarty plugins
- Content pages now register and work with static urls
- Total re-write of {cms_stylesheet} tag. Cache working as it should now. Media queries/types combine correctly now
- cms_http class now sends a referrer
- Fixes the pseudocron stuff to not run during the install or login process
- Documented the ContentBase class. Many methods marked as protected or private... will be marking some as final in the future
- Minor improvements to site verification
- Fixes for Add GCB wysiwyg options
- Adopt smarty 3 (currently Smarty 3.1.8) (stock, unmodified)
- Adds options for smarty caching
- All plugins with functions named smarty_cms_function_foo are not cachable
- All plugins with functions named smarty_function_foo are cachable
- UDT's are never cachable
- Fix permissions issues with GCB's
- Add checks in system information for xml capabilities
- Adds new CmsNlsOperations and CmsNlsOperations classes to better support language services
- deprecated the lang parameter to all plugins and modules
- adds {cms_get_language} {cms_set_language} and {cms_lang_info} smarty plugins
- Adds new abstract CmsLanguageDetector class to handle language detection on the frontend
- Locale can now be configured in the NLS information
- Encoding can now be configured in the NLS information
- Remove more stuff from the cms_variables class (slowly getting rid of this)
- Installer and System Information pages now check curl, and curl version
- Change the alt tag in {content_image} to return the image name by default
- System Information page now attempts to determine if there are sufficient mysql privileges for normal operation (warning only on failure)
- Ensure all tags in list tags get help
- Re-organized the copycontent template to make it look a bit more logical
- Adding two new methods to Stylesheetoperations: DeleteStylesheetByName() and LoadStylesheetByName()
- TemplatePrecompile and TemplatePostCompile events now have a 'type' parameter to indicate what template type they are compiling
- Changing GetTemplateFromFile method return null instead of string
- Changing the default page now adds an audit entry
- Improvements to the content_image option
- Changed language files fa_FA to fa_IR
- You can no longer set all pages to a disabled page template.

Core - Bug Reports:
- #6161 - Core Printing Module - Compression issue
- #7030 - Installing modules in listmodules skips dependency check
- #7212 - Error in CreateReturnLink api method
- #7334 - Changing a content page with a url specified to a section header
- #7740 - HTML entities in the language string aren't getting converted back when sending the email during install

Core - Installer:
- mysqli option now selected by default
- Add checks for xml handling

- Now uses drag/drop upload for all browsers except IE and maybe opera
- Now has concept of a 'current working directory' that is stored as user preference and is restored between sessions.
- Complete overhaul of the user interface
- Now select files to operate on, and perform an operation. Available options are intelligent based on what is selected.
- Adds the ability to create thumbnails for missing images.
- Thumbnails are now visible in all directories, and if permissions allow can be created anywhere.

- Added the {cms_breadcrumbs} action (which is templatable). Deprecates {breadcrumbs}
- Adds the action=items capability.
- Adds new Template for Simplex Theme
- #7306 - haschildren always false

- Two new preferences to assist in managing stylesheet and other background settings.
- Now uses the filemanager cwd() in file picker
- Now sets the filemanager cwd() in the file picker
- #7223 - fixes for secure admin

- All routes are now registered statically
- The {news} plugin is now part of the News module
- The detail page now handles caching well
- The detail page now throws a 404 exception for attempts to view expired/draft articles
- Full lazyload is now supported
- Now supports smarty caching
- Optimization of code to minimize queries (preload field data for summary views)
- Begin more oopification
- Generates 404 errors if routed to an invalid article, or an article that is expired/draft
- Adds detailtemplate param capabilities to SearchResultWithParams
- Access to the Categories and custom fields tab is now controlled by the 'Modify Site Preferences' permission
- Adds sample HTML5 summary and detail templates for Simplex Theme
- #7713 - Apply button doesn't work
- #7457 - Duplicate news url

- Moved "Stop Words" to language file
- Added "Load Stop Words" from user language

- Now lazy load in the admin console

- Now lazy load in the admin console
- Imported themes are now enabled by default.
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