[fixed?] root_url adding trailing slashes

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[fixed?] root_url adding trailing slashes

Post by oliverseddon »

After installing the 1.11 Beta1 I noticed no root_url had been added to my config.php file as a default. This then caused my site's base URL to have a trailing / meaning all URL references were wrong causing issues with links and CSS references etc.

Adding the root_url to my config fixed the issue, should this not be added to the config.php as a default? And if not why does my default root_url automatically get appended with / ?

Image attached with system PHP info.
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Re: root_url adding trailing slashes

Post by klenkes »

I installed Beta-1 on Win-7, Apache2, PHP 5.3.5, and got a backslash(\) trailing the root_url. In all CMSMS generated links a slash was added after the backslash (\/) and no links worked.

Like oliverseddon I added root_url to the config.php to fix it.
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Re: root_url adding trailing slashes

Post by Rolf »

problem confirmed
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Re: [reproduced] root_url adding trailing slashes

Post by calguy1000 »

Fixed in svn.
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Re: [fixed?] root_url adding trailing slashes

Post by chrisl »

Not fixed in beta 4

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