Rules for this 1.11 Beta forumboard

A place to discuss issues related to CMSMS 1.11 beta versions. This forum will be heavily moderated.
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Rules for this 1.11 Beta forumboard

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Welcome to the CMSMS 1.11 Beta process. We highly value your time and input. However, in order to make the 1.11 beta process a useful and efficient experience for all of those involved we have developed a few more rules that specifically relate to this forum. Please take a moment to read these guidelines before you post.

1. This board is for the reporting and discussion of problems related to CMSMS 1.11 only.

1a: Please do not report problems related to production sites (This is a beta process, you shouldn't be using a CMSMS Beta on a production site, and we will not support it). Your post may in fact be deleted.

1b: Any posts that are not related to the beta specifically, and are blatantly off topic will be deleted, and may result in the poster being banned.

1d: One issue per forum post please... so that we can better track and discuss them.

2. This board will be locked when CMSMS 1.11 is released.
After the release of CMSMS 1.11 any bug reports should follow the normal process, use the tracker in the forge.

3. This board will be heavily moderated.

3a: The moderators and dev team members will be editing posts, marking them as solved, or ready for testing or other such thing... as well as moving them and organizing them so that we can keep track of what issues need to be fixed, and what issues have been fixed.

3b: Our moderators and dev team members will not beg you for sufficient information to reproduce a problem you are experiencing. Therefore if your post does not provide enough information for us to be able to reproduce an issue within 5 to 10 minutes, we may lock, or delete the entire post.

4. There is an IRC channel for beta specific topics.
The #cmsms-beta channel should be used for discussion of CMSMS beta related topics. Do not use the #cms main channel for these topics so as not to confuse the people who are not taking part in the beta process.

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