NMS dynamic list with UDT problem

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NMS dynamic list with UDT problem

Post by Mich-adg »

i'm trying to send emails via an UDT, like the sample in the doc of the module, but nothing is sent, and i get these errors in the admin log :

NMS Job entitled: Envoi du: 08/01/2021 15:53:31 created
CmsJobManager Removing an expired lock. An error probably occurred with a previous job.

I tested a simple UDT code like:

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$out = array('myvalidaddress@dom.com');
return $out;
Sending to a classic list works fine, just the udt sends nothing.

My cms version is 2.2.15 & NMS 2.13.3
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Re: NMS dynamic list with UDT problem

Post by velden »

I think it's hard to find the culprit without adding some debug statements in the code.

modules\NMS\lib\class.InitializeJob_CmsJob.php around line 56 and further is where the magic should happen.
Adding either some audit(...) or debug_to_log(...) statements in the core and enabling debug_to_log in the config.php (https://docs.cmsmadesimple.org/configur ... bug_to_log) might help you finding where and what is going on.
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