Products show sub sub hierarchy items

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Products show sub sub hierarchy items

Post by timdebuurman »


In a project I use the Products module with a hierarchy structure.
In this structure, there are 2 main hierarchy, sub hierarchy and sub-sub hierarchy.

Most Products are under the sub-sub-hierarchy's.

Showing all Products below one of the main/top hierarchy goes well with:
{Products hierarchy="tophierarchyname*"}

But wanting to show all Products below a sub-hierarchy gives no items if the products itself are not directly in this sub-hierarchy, but in it's sub's (so in the sub-sub-hierarchy):
{Products hierarchy="sub-hierarchy*"}

Is this a flaw in the module?

I use CMSMS 2.2.14 and Products 2.28.7, which are both the latest releases.

EDIT: Maybe not related, but using the action="hierarchy" in combination with a hierarchy also don't work, like:
{Products action="hierarchy" hierarchy="hierarchyname"}
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