FEU new property does not show immediately

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FEU new property does not show immediately

Post by rotezecke »

when I add a property to FEU and assign to a group, these properties are not added to the user until the changesettings form (via frontend) is submitted, or the user is modified in the backend.
There's a new entry in table "module_feusers_propdefn" but nothing in "module_feusers_properties".
Is there already a function that can populate "module_feusers_properties" table with an empty value for each user? I want to run a report on users who have agreed to a new policy.

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{foreach from=$mymembers item=user_value}
   {$props|print_r} ...
The new property only appears in $props array when user properties in front or backend or updated. I think I know how to write a plugin to do what I want, but I wonder if there's a function/method already. Thanks
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