Form Builder - upload path

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Form Builder - upload path

Post by ice70 »

I have inherited a CMSMS site that has not been updated from before v1.09. I have updated to CMSMS 2.2.14 and most things are working as expected, but the form that allows users to upload an image is not working as it did in the old version and I am stumped!

The old form uploaded the image and saved the following XML [these are old entries so the paths are different to the local test env I have]
<field id="33"
<option name="max_size"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="permitted_extensions"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="show_details"><![CDATA[0]]></option>
<option name="allow_overwrite"><![CDATA[0]]></option>
<option name="remove_file"><![CDATA[0]]></option>
<option name="file_destination"><![CDATA[/home/sites/website/public_html/uploads/feedback]]></option>
<option name="field_alias"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="css_class"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="helptext"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="javascript"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="field_logic"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="file_rename"><![CDATA[]]></option>
<option name="suppress_filename"><![CDATA[0]]></option>
<option name="is_valid"><![CDATA[1]]></option>
<value><![CDATA[/home/sites/website/public_html/uploads/feedback/uploaded image.JPG]]></value>
<value><![CDATA[/uploads/feedback/uploaded image.JPG]]></value>
<human_readable_value><![CDATA[/uploads/feedback/uploaded image.JPG]]></human_readable_value>

When I use the updated version I am getting a slightly different xml. I have updated the upload form builder field setting to use my local path:

<option name="file_destination"><![CDATA[D:\path to local site\httpdocs\uploads\feedback\]]></option>

But this path is not used in the image name like is was in the previous version so it does not show in the formbrowser template.
The image does upload to exactly the same place though:

<value><![CDATA[test.jpg (outside web root)]]></value>


How do I get the path back in as part of the image name? I am not sure why I have
<value><![CDATA[test.jpg (outside web root)]]></value>?

my config has the following:

$config['root_url'] = 'http://site.localhost';
$config['root_path'] = 'D:/path to local site/httpdocs';

$config['previews_path'] = $config['root_path'] . '/tmp/cache';
$config['uploads_path'] = $config['root_path'] . '/uploads';
$config['uploads_url'] = $config['root_url'] . '/uploads';
$config['image_uploads_path'] = $config['root_path'] . '/uploads/images';
$config['image_uploads_url'] = $config['root_url'] . '/uploads/images';

these are the installed modules:
AdminSearch 1.0.5
Captcha 1.0
CGExtensions 1.65.2
CGFeedback 1.3.5
CGSimpleSmarty 2.2.1
CMSContentManager 1.1.9
CmsJobManager 0.1.3
CMSMailer 6.2.14
DesignManager 1.1.8
FileManager 1.6.11
FormBrowser 0.5
FormBuilder 1.0.2
Gallery 2.4.2
LISE 1.3.1
MenuManager 1.50.3
MicroTiny 2.2.4
ModuleManager 2.1.7
Navigator 1.0.9
News 2.51.10
nuSOAP 1.0.2
Printing 1.1.2
Search 1.51.8
SiteMapMadeSimple 2.0.3
TinyMCE 3.3.2

Thank you for your help.
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