Lise - display Category name

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Lise - display Category name

Post by erpee »

In my Lise module, I've created a category called: 'cat'
category.jpg (3.85 KiB) Viewed 274 times
The category is filled with data like this:
category 2.jpg
In my template I want to use te data using:

Code: Select all

{$item->}<br />
But, When I expect 'M3', it shows '1'
Is there a way to to make it show the 'M3'?
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Re: Lise - display Category name

Post by Jo Morg »

Look at the sample templates! They serve as documentation too.
LISE categories are arrays so the way you get the values depend both on how you have the categories set up and on how you want to display them on your template.
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