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When I try to use advanced profile, I get this error:
Failed to load plugin: cmsms_linker from url http://domain.com/modules/TinyMCE/lib/js/tinymce_external_plugins/cmsms_linker/plugin.min.js

I think the problem is because I use secured https:// , so how I can tell it to TinyMCE?
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Re: TinyMCE

Post by DIGI3 »

Try clearing your browser cache, or test in incognito mode.
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Re: TinyMCE

Post by reinhardmohr »

Hi, I had the same problem here.
But it is somewhere in the release notes:
Copied the cmsms_linker plugin from the latest MicroTiny, and upgraded to work with Tiny 5+. If you need that plugin in the menubar, you must now use the custom menubar option
The problem disappears when you paste

Code: Select all

into the second toolbar in the module settings (see attached screenshot). Good luck!
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