Lise issue when moving to new server

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Lise issue when moving to new server

Post by manuel »

I'm moving a website to a different server.

After restoring the site on the new server, everything is up and running automagically except for the custom field definitions in Lise.

When adding/editing items in the various modules generated with Lise, it seems the custom field definitions are absent.

This can however easily be solved by using the "Scan Field Definitions" function in the main Lise module, followed by a "Attempt to repair field definition database tables" in the same.

Once this is done, all custom field definitions are up and running again and all items are displaying the content entered previously in the various custom field definitions correctly.

Except... for one individual "checkbox group" custom field definition...
This one does show up when editing/creating items, also correctly displaying the previously entered values but there is no output in the template.
This while all other Checkbox group, radio group, Text input, ... are working correctly again! ???

The custom field definition properties:
Name: Release
Alias: ro_release
Template: {$}: {$fielddef.value|implode:','}

The code that should appear:

Code: Select all

<input type="radio" name="version" value="2_0" id="2_0" class="filters" /><label for="2_0" class="chbx-label">2.0</label>
<input type="radio" name="version" value="2_1" id="2_1" class="filters" checked /><label for="2_1" class="chbx-label">2.1</label>
<input type="radio" name="version" value="2_2" id="2_2" class="filters" /><label for="2_2" class="chbx-label">2.2</label>
It's very strange that the code above doesn't appear while all other checkbox groups are working correctly again...
I guess I'll try to recreate it and re-enter the values manually on the new server but I'm puzzled about the cause of this...

ps: come to think of it, it's the only checkbox group with an underscore in the alias... I'll change it and re-export for a test but I'd be surprised if that was the cause... Will post update tomorrow ;D [EDIT] > as suspected, removing the _ didn't change anything...
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Re: Lise issue when moving to new server

Post by iturbay »

Check the correctness of the paths in the database in the cms_module_lise_fielddefs table for the RadioGroup type
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