Displaying Categories in Summary Template

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Displaying Categories in Summary Template

Post by Sendlingur »

I'm trying to display Categories in the Summary template for Company Directory Module.

I'm using this code snippet, but it is not working and I can't see why it is not.

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 {if isset($entry->canonical)}{$canonical=$entry->canonical}{/if}

       {if isset($categories)}

         {foreach $categories as $catname => $rec}
	   {module_action_link action=default category=$rec->id urlonly=1 assign=url}
           <a href="{$url}" title="{$rec->description|strip_tags|summarize:40}">{$catname}</a>{if !$rec@last},  {/if}

Can someone here please help me with this?
thanks in advance
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Re: Displaying Categories in Summary Template

Post by velden »

What is the output of

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