Custom Options select for Company Directory module

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Custom Options select for Company Directory module

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I begun in a new job recently, this firm is using CMS MS for its website.
I have zero to none experience in using CMS MS, so in a way I am learning lots of things for the first time now.

I'm using CMS MS and the Company directory module for the first time. I manage to find out how to add an option select for the categories in the search.

Code: Select all

  {capture assign='tmp'}{$actionid}cd_category{/capture}
    {html_options name=$tmp options=$categories separator='<br/>' selected=$saved.category|default:''}
But now my problem is that the user must also be able to search for companies by searching for "tags" or a word for from a list( array).

Every company has few words ( tags ) in a custom made field called " subject" Every company belongs to a category ( I have 5 categories). But every company must also be searchable by the custom 'Words/tags' (I have a list of 35 words)

For example: if a user selects the tag "socially responsible" from the option_select I want to implement, the results would be the 4 companies that have "socially responsible" in the "subject" field.

Can someone here advise me on how I could make that happen?

Thanks in advance
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