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 Post subject: Group Permissions - Front End Users vs Backend Users
PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:51 pm 
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On my site the people who have signed up with Self Registration for a Frontend User Account are members of the club. After they confirm their email address they are assigned to a "pending" group with limited access to a members only area. Once the Membership Chair verifies they are indeed a member, the account is changed from "pending" to "active" and the expiration date is made January 1, of the following year (all memberships expire at midnight December 31). When they renew their membership for the next year we just have to increment the year in their expiration date.

In order to spread the workload I have created a "membership" Backend User for a group called "feuaccount". I want them to ONLY be able to mess with the Self Registration users (see who is in the process, delete them or push them through) and the Frontend Users (Only things on the USERS Tab: change a profile to reflect the proper group, change the expiration date, filter for a specific user or users, etc).

If I give the group "feuaccount" the permission for Self Registration: Managing Registering Users, it does exactly as I want and only allows access to the Users tab.

But for Frontend Users the only permission available is to allow them to modify Frontend User Properties. Which gives them access to change the listing of fields/properties we record for each account - nothing I would want someone to inadvertently change.

In order for the "membership" backend user to manage users in the Frontend User Management module, I have to grant the Core permission of Manage Users. This unfortunately gives them the capability to create additional backend users with at least the same permissions of the group (feuaccount) they are in. It also gives them access to the Frontend User Management tabs for User History and Admin, but that's ok. They can't do any real damage there.

Is there a setting that could be put in for Frontend Users similar to Self Registration that would allow a user to simply Manage Frontend Users accounts on the Users tab? If not, it seems like a REALLY nice enhancement.

Thanks in advance.

Cms Version: 2.2.6

Installed Modules:

AdminSearch: 1.0.4
CGCalendar: 2.5.1
CGExtensions: 1.60
CGSimpleSmarty: 2.1.8
CMSContentManager: 1.1.6
CmsJobManager: 0.1.2
DesignManager: 1.1.4
FileManager: 1.6.5
FilePicker: 1.0.2
FrontEndUsers: 2.9
MenuManager: 1.50.3
MicroTiny: 2.2.2
ModuleManager: 2.1.3
Navigator: 1.0.8
News: 2.51.3
Search: 1.51.3
SelfRegistration: 1.14
Uploads: 1.25.8

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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