FEU: Self Registration Whitelist

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FEU: Self Registration Whitelist

Post by SimonF »


I'm sorry I have to post this question, I've read the help and prior Self Reg / FEU forum questions and I cannot get this to work. It either denies all registrations or allows any email domain to register.

Recently installed FEU and the Self Reg module, modules & dependencies are up to date as far as I can tell.

All seems to be working except the whitelist settings. I want to only allow users with a specific domain email address to register.

In "Security Settings" I have:
Only allow matched usernames/emails to register

In the Absolutely Forbid section I now have 2 groups, one as a dummy, since I couldn't "deselect" the one group I had. It went blue, then grey when I clicked elsewhere, I could not "deselect" it once it had been selected prior. The one group users are added to is now not highlighted at all. I read that this was the issue for another user.

In the List for emails I have
*mydomain.org.uk <-- added as a test, since it should simply be the first one.

I have a message in the error message box.

The pages are set to Not Cachable.

Have tried setting Preferences via Chrome and Firefox in case it was a browser issue, which I have had before.

CMS 2.1.2
PHP 5.5.36
Hosted server is Apache/litespeed on Linux 3.10.0
Db is 5.6.30

Can anyone point out what I am missing, please?



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