How to use Gallery with htaccess protected folder?

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How to use Gallery with htaccess protected folder?

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Hi All,

I'm building a website where you get access to certain documents and photos once your logged in. To be sure someone can't access the files after they've logged out, I also need to protect the folders where the files are in. The FEU Uploads module works perfect. Because it gets the files through PHP, it works around the .htaccess file and the Uploads links are invalid once your logged out.

I also want to do something similar for Gallery, to show the photos that come with each project. This gets the files directly from the folder, so I can't protect it with .htaccess. Then you would get a login request every time some one is viewing a Gallery.

How can I make sure someone can't deeplink to the files in the Gallery folder, while Gallery can access the images once someone logs in to the website with FEU?


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