own stylesheet (css) for menu from phplayers module

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own stylesheet (css) for menu from phplayers module

Post by mwiertz »


I'm wondering if there's easy way to use your own stylesheet (css) for defining the look and feel of the menu generated by the phplayers module? Would be nice, wouldn't it?

thanks in advance...
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have a look here

Post by uptoeleven »

have a look here:


There's a css file phplayers uses called phplayers/layersmenu-cms.css

you can:

1.) Change the contents of this file (knowing that when you upgrade all your work wil be lost).

2.) Move all the css to a css template and edit it, leaving phplayers/layersmenu-cms.css as an empty file (a hack - knowing that when you upgrade you will have 5 minutes of blind panic trying to remember what it was you did to make this work, then remember to make an empty phplayers/layersmenu-cms.css)

3.) Put properly cascading css into your template and pray to the w3c gods that the client browsers will actually respect your codes (lots of testing)

4.) Switch off phplayers... Which unless you have something to put in its place that can do all the PHP and SQL calls is not necessarily easy.

5.) Rewrite phplayers (knowing that when you upgrade all your work wil be lost + ph33r).

6.) Read the thread above which tells you how to do any of these things and the relative pros and cons.

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