CGFEURegister Users Unable to Verify

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CGFEURegister Users Unable to Verify

Post by WDJames »


We are using the CGFEURegister (v1.0.4) together with FrontEndUsers (v3.2.2) to register users to our website. The sign up process works as expected and a verification email is sent to the user but upon clicking the link to verify, a 404 page is displayed so the user cannot verify. I'm not sure where the issue lies and so any help is greatly appreciated.


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Re: CGFEURegister Users Unable to Verify

Post by DIGI3 »

Unfortunately the author of that module has abandoned the project. It's possible someone may be able to help you work around it, but if at all possible you may wish to consider migrating to the forked suite, MAMS. The downside is that it's a fork of FEU 2.x, so you can't migrate directly from FEU 3. If your site isn't too complex you can export the users from FEU and import into MAMS quite easily, however.

Sorry I can't offer an actual answer to your issue - my guess would be that it's a configuration thing in FEU or SelfReg where you set the page for verifications, but without seeing it in action it's hard to know. You can try with or without pretty urls (whichever is the opposite of your current setup) to see if that changes things or helps reveal what page it's looking for.
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