Responsive design based on bootstrap

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Responsive design based on bootstrap

Post by jd447 »

I developed my website on the bootstrap framework. I used half the modules available in the module manager. :)

There's room to improve the overall speed of the website, design,... but hey... I have to work for clients as well.

And again, great job CMSMS core team, it's a pleasure to work with this CMS!
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Re: Responsive design based on bootstrap

Post by Dr.CSS »

Might want to look at this error on the News page...

<meta name='description' content='/*%%SmartyNocache:155437420652ba077e12b137-66898986%%*/<?php CMS_Content_Block::smarty_internal_fetch_contentblock(array('block'=>"metadescription",'label'=>"META Description",'oneline'=>"true"),$_smarty_tpl); ?>/*/%%SmartyNocache:155437420652ba077e12b137-66898986%%*/'>
Check ver. CMSMS, PHP, server OS, in System Information page.
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