Finally Updated Our Own Design Agency Website

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Finally Updated Our Own Design Agency Website

Post by govicinity »

CMS Made Simple™ 1.11.9 “Bartolome”

AceEditor 1.0
CGBlog 1.10.3
CGExtensions 1.38
CGSimpleSmarty 1.7
CGSmartImage 1.14.1
Captcha 0.4.6
FileManager 1.4.3
FormBuilder 0.7.4
Gallery 1.6.1
ListIt2 1.4
SiteMapMadeSimple 1.2.7
Uploads 1.16.15

We have finally managed to squeeze our own website in to our busy workflow and update it, it's still not quite finished, but we're not a million miles away, to be honest it's always going to be a work in progress as we love pushing our own boundaries with CMSMS to see what we can achieve.

We've even managed to squeeze the time to incorporate some simple media queries so that we cater for devices with different screen sizes.

We got to add more to the portfolio section, and we want to make the secondary menu within it a little more attractive, but it's functioning well.

We're also working on the blog section which will hopefully go live in the new year, but we need to populate it with articles first!
Going up, woop, woop.
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