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Question about Multilingual site
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Author:  alby [ Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Question about Multilingual site

Since version 2.0 CMSMS will be multilingual (and modules).
Versions 0.X and 1.x are monolingual.

CMSMS MLE (MultiLingualEdition) is a modification to build multilingual sites with current versions of CMSMS (1.X). One structure tree for all languages, essentially you have to change the content of page only. There is a Visual Tutorial if you look for.

I do not know yet the final schema of 2.0 (sql schema) to say whether there will be problems in porting to 2.0.
It's obvious that I will try to build SQL queries for a graceful transition to 2.0 in same way of original CMSMS.

For those who:
- are not sure
- have great difference of pages number for each language
- avoid (maybe) problems with monolingual modules

there are two proposals for create a multilingual site through indipendent tree for each language (surely porting is easier although it will be more complicated after the union in a single tree for use of multilingual intrinsic 2.0 and multilingual module):

1. My trick for multilingual pages with regular CMS v1.0.6 (and above I think)

2. One more approach to build a multilingual site with the regular CMSMS


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