Webshop & payments

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Webshop & payments

Post by musicscore »

A customer needs a webshop. He needs alsof a payment gateway. Because there is no payments gateway for cmsms I tried Wordpress and woocommerce. Build my own theme but then I tried to style woocommerce. IT is realy a pain in the as. I realy like cmsms and using it for 14 years now. I would prefer to build the webshop with cmsms. Do not like Wordpress at all. I helpless without cmsms.

Please give me some tips.

I need a payment gateway like Mollie.

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Re: Webshop & payments

Post by DIGI3 »

CG's eCommerce suite has a PayPal gateway, and possibly one or two others. If you wanted something else you would either need to build or sponsor a gateway for it.

Another option I've done is to connect to a third-party service's (like Shopify's) API so the site can be in CMSMS but the transactions handled by them.

All that said, CMSMS is great at a lot of things, but doesn't really have the community support to be a robust first-party ecommerce solution. It can be done, but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't want to get your hands dirty and/or hire a developer.
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