On which CMS should i focus as a software developer?

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On which CMS should i focus as a software developer?

Post by JigneshTapase »

Hi Guys

I'm a software developer and interested in creating a variation of websites for friends and customers. I already built some websites with Wordpress and worked at a place where we used Pimcore. I'm used to HTML, CSS, JS & PHP.
My next project, is to upgrade a website for some friends, they got a little shop and they want to be present in the Internet. I thought about doing it with Wordpress, cause it's just a little site and they can't pay much.
But i'm not sure if Wordpress can handle shop objects? I already worked with Pimcore and know, that this CMS is optimized to handle a lot of objects. I just don't know if it's worth to put in the work.
I'm just not sure for which project sizes I should prefer which CMS. Maybe someone else has more experience with this. Or maybe can recommend me a totally different CMS.

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Re: On which CMS should i focus as a software developer?

Post by DIGI3 »

You're generally only going to get one answer here. That said, if a pre-built shopping cart solution is what you're looking for, CMSMS might not be ideal. There is an ecommerce suite of modules but you'd have to spend some time learning the system before knowing if it was right for your specific needs.
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