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Foundation Interchange with CGSmartImage
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Author:  DIGI3 [ Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:37 am ]
Post subject:  Foundation Interchange with CGSmartImage

The Foundation framework has a great utility for serving up different sized images for different device widths. It's a really simple way to save bandwidth and speed up page loads, and it's even easier with CGSmartImage.

{$banner_small="{CGSmartImage src=$banner_image max_width=640 noembed=1 notag=1 force_ext=1}"}
{$banner_medium="{CGSmartImage src=$banner_image max_width=1024 noembed=1 notag=1 force_ext=1}"}
{$banner_large="{CGSmartImage src=$banner_image max_width=1200 noembed=1 notag=1 force_ext=1}"}
<img data-interchange="[{$banner_small}, small], [{$banner_medium}, medium], [{$banner_large}, large]">

Adjust widths and image path as needed. You can also add xlarge, xxlarge, portrait, landscape, and retina queries (see

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