Are you a CMS professional?

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Are you a CMS professional?

Post by GlassyDragon »

We need a CMS Made Simple experienced person to assist us in occasionally updating our existing site. Our site is functioning and OK but we would like to add a better designed “Contact Us” section and there are a few other aspects that we would love to modify over time.

We also need this person to be “forward thinking” and innovative. How can we improve our site?

If you are communicative, skilled and available please provide us with the following:

1. Client referrals (at least 3).
2. Your experience with CMS.
3. Several websites you have modified, built or assisted with in some way.
4. Your expected compensation.
5. Name and contact information.

Thank you much.  GlassyDragon website team
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Re: Are you a CMS professional?

Post by creativa »

Hi, we have much experience in the CMSMS use, as well as in the graphic creative area and programming.

It can see our work in:


Graphic design:

Them send by p.m. specific links about CMSMS developed for other agencies Web.

Best Regards, Romana Ferrer.
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Re: Are you a CMS professional?

Post by applejack »

Please post your website URL as this would help to judge where you are coming from.

For a portfolio of work please check out
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Re: Are you a CMS professional?

Post by calguy1000 »

Here's a tip...

If you want a 'CMSMS professional', you will want to look at the profile of each person you consider, and look at when they joined.... as well, you will want to look at their number of posts.

Though neither of these statistics are definative, and both are subjective statistics.... they can give you a hint to a persons experience with CMS Made Simple.

another hint:  I'm too busy :)  besides, I'm not a web designer, don't do any of that graphics stuff.
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Re: Are you a CMS professional?

Post by Jack @ PharSide »

I am a desiner and am also very familiar with CMSMS. If you are ever in need - PM me. I have been designing around CMSMS for 2 years and have built close to 30 sites with it and more with similiar systems or shopping cart solutions. I guess you can say I am a technical designer as well so I am very capable of creating those custom dislpays and layouts.

Cheers and good luck,
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