Need CMSMS site copy/move service

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Need CMSMS site copy/move service

Post by amanafter »

Hello helpful CMSMS guys,

I want to move the site currently at to the site

As you can see, the move was attempted (sites look almost the same now) but is not complete (notice the data is different)

I was hoping to get this done for $20-$30 and in the next couple of days (ASAP) if possible.

Can anyone do this for me?



Re: Need CMSMS site copy/move service

Post by SimonSchaufi »

i could do that. please write me a personal message for the information i need. Is it just a copy or do i need to make more adaption? If i need to do more than copy i would like to get a bit more money because i know how much work that is :)
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