News Module Image Capabilities - $200 USD

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Matt Jason H
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News Module Image Capabilities - $200 USD

Post by Matt Jason H »

I need a select-image-or-upload style field which then generates an image and thumbnail, both the image and thumbnail size should be customisable in the options (preferably with multiple sizes able to be specified (Big, Medium, Thumbnail), but not critical).

The template should then have a set of {tags} for images, which are able to output the or the URL to the image or thumbnail.

An alt text field should also be included to comply with web and accessibility standards.

I'm offering $200 for this job and I feel many people would benefit from this functionality.

I imagine alot of the code can be copied from the cataloger module, which handles image resizing and thumbnail generation. If any improvements to that are made, then they could also be fed back into cataloger. The fact an "extra" field has been added to the module already constitutes some of the work, also.

The revised module must obviously be released back into the community, this is not a "private project".

Anyone interested?

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Re: News Module Image Capabilities - $200 USD

Post by calguy1000 »

The uploads module will automatically create thumbnails, and it's possible to put an image selector from the uploads module into the news article editing form.  it's also possible to modify the news summary template to extract an image from the uploads module given a file id.
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